Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh. Yeah. And...She's a kick-ass writer. Really!

She is. A Great Writer. And...she *happens* to be extremely hot and remind me of how insanely sexy Rebecca De Mornay was as Lana in "Risky Business"--one of the only good movies Tom Cruise has ever made..that fuck. Or maybe she looks a little like Traci Lords...I mean, either way... (and btw: that's Traci on top and our fair MLPS lady, Ms. Cody--topless, on bottom. right, then.)

Anyway. I think she is kick ass and Jim and her dig each other. That's enough for me.

Damn. Look at...everything. And how bold to put it on yer own blog.... And I am really not that into the whole Suicide Girls thing...really.

Don't look soon for me doing the same.

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Diablo said...

Thank you!!! (blushes furiously)

Made my day, you did!