Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's really happening.

I am seeing Madge.

In Chi. With Erica (thank you, thank you, thank you, Erica!). She scored tix on Ebay and I am still numb with disbelief.

I have never seen her. I have wanted to see her since I was 4 years old and danced to "Borderline" in front of the television while eating Cheerios out of a Tupperware bowl. My dad said he wanted to take me the couple times she actually stopped in MN, but decided against it after learning of the furor over the expicit sexual content on the Blond Ambition tour. Thanks, dad... I know you were just doing your job.

Now that I'm old enough to handle it (and dig it) I get to watch her perform her best songs of her career strapped to a mirror-ball-turned-crucifix complete with a crown of thorns and slap gay male dancers with an equestrian whip. *sigh*

And, believe it or not, I am paying *less* than $100 for the ticket... a ticket that would have been *over* $200 if I had purchased it through Ticketfucker, er--"master."

Check out the fantastic review in EW.

The set list from the first night [squeals with delight]:
Future Lovers
Get Together
Like A Virgin
Live To Tell
Forbidden Love
Like It Or Not
Interlude (Sorry remix)
I Love NY
Ray Of Light
Let It Will Be
Drowned World
Not For Me
La Isla Bonita
You Thrill Me/Erotica
Lucky Star
Hung Up

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