Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I officially dig Pink.

A reason to listen to Top 40. (or simply drop $ .99 on iTunes): The instantly sing-along-able, insanely catchy, raging, funny--"Stupid Girls."

Have you heard this song? Pink comes up fighting against the Parises, the Jessicas, the Britneys, as well as the "regular" chicks out there glittering with utter apathy and lack of brain cells.

I never dug her shit before, but this is way too fucking cool.

My dad told me about it. How great is that?

Best bit: "Outcasts and girls with ambition/That's what I wanna see/Disasters all around/World despaired/Their only concern/Will they fuck up my hair?"

Bloody righteous. Righteous & Needed.

Thanks, Pink!

Made me revisit "Stripped," by my girl Christina Aguilera (nice shout-out, Paul). It feels like one of the last times feminism was on the radio. "Can't Hold Us Down" & "Fighter" are just perfect pop songs with fucking great lyrics--oh and that voice. I wrote about her when I was writing the music column at the Daily and my friends gave me endless shit. You should all know by now....


Phil said...

I never though I'd read a line of yours that said "hot rapper Redman"


But this is great, and you know it,
"I would rather see Christina shut her eyes tight and let it all out (not lip sync into a drive-thru head set while bouncing around like a puppet). Watch those spindly little tan arms clutching that huge microphone away from her face, because her voice is just so powerful, it might just blow up that mic if she got too close."

thanks for that kurtz post. that article is fantastic.

michal said...

her video of stupid girls is hilarious