Thursday, February 09, 2006

my man Jarvis

From the BBC, when the Monkeys' record became the fastest number one in British history....

Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker, who is also from Sheffield, told the BBC the Arctic Monkeys' success was a lesson for the music industry. Jarvis Cocker said Arctic Monkeys' success was 'real' "I think it's very important because they've done it without trying," he said. "The only reason people have got into it [the music] is because they've listened to it and they like it, so it's something real. "I guess all the music industry will probably think 'how can we emulate that or what can we do?' "I think there's nothing they can do about it because it's something that has happened naturally, there's no way to apply spin doctorism to it." Arctic Monkeys easily beat Richard Ashcroft's latest album Keys To The World which sold 75,000 copies - a total that would have normally guaranteed the top spot.

*Also, the Grammys were...awesome (for the most part) last night. Madonna and Gorillaz opening the show was a brilliant move. Alica Keys and Stevie Wonder's (seemingly) impromptu rendition of "Higher Ground" for victims of Katrina, for Coretta Scott King... was amazing and so needed. Sly fucking Stone came out of his hermit's shell for the first time in 13 years. He was bizarre (true, he had a kick ass mohawk) and he barely sang. But, shit, he's 61 years old and it was pretty killer (he is so funky and brilliant and is so the basis for Prince, man) to see him up there in such a celebratory atmosphere.

Oh, and um, how 'bout Bruuuuuce?! Singing the only anti-war song of the night and then actually saying, "Bring 'em home"? Thank you. And, pretty wonderful tribute to "Wicked Pickett" with the great finale, singing "In the Midnight Hour" with Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave fame). Way to show The Many Sides of Bruce, my man.

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