Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WHO doesn't do these things anymore?

from the "Hedonism Handbook" that Jessica gave me:

"Ten Fun Things You Never Do Anymore"

1. Dance like an idiot
2. Play on the swings
3. Flash people
4. Swim directly after eating

5. Get high in your bedroom

6.Date nineteen-year-olds (I'm not making this up, people. Alex Turner, are you listening?)

7. Wear see-through tops
8. Make out with strangers
9.Go out with no underwear
10. Flirt shamelessly

This book was one of the greatest presents I have ever received. Ever.

*the picture above? me, pulling a Hunter S. Thompson--according to Cynthia. Do I scare you?


Jessica said...

We are obviously unstoppably fun people.

Phil said...

you have always scared the living shit out of me

Phil said...

have you seen this weeks citypages?
they review your lads...
the first paragraphs sums up some of the hype and includes this little note that made me think of you: "somewhere a music-geek message board goes nova."
After that the reviewer, Nate Patrin, tears a new hole into the arctic. included are the lines: "The Arctic Monkeys are no damned fun. They're bored adolescents." the review ends with "You won't hear a bitterer CD all year long."
but then, I am well aware that you won't give a damn, as well you shouldn't, to what other people say about the music you like. but be prepared to defend your boys against all the hipsters who will read the review but not hear the album or its qualities.

btw, when you do buy the album on the 21st, you better burn me a copy pronto. their songs have become lodged in my head.