Monday, August 28, 2006


After a 9 ½ hour day at the *Fair on Friday with James (totally magical and fun-as-fuck-all), I went yesterday with ma ladies (equally great in totally different ways. right on, right on).

Highlights included:

Me prompting Erica to get her age guessed. She did and dude was SEVEN YEARS off. He looked me and Elizabeth up and down, too and *still* had her at 18 years old. Wha---?? Erica got her self a lil' stuffed tiger, only to exclaim: "this one has a hole in the crotch!" nice.

Elizabeth and me on our favorite ride at the Fair, The Swings: We had just taken our shoes off and began lift off. Elizabeth turns around and shouts, “I feel like a fucking hippie!!” And I laughed for half of the ride.

I remember, that ride, those beloved swings were soooo important to me when I was in elementary school and it was Labor Day (the day my dad and I would ALWAYS go) and I would be thinking about school starting the next day. I would always be so excited and nervous and EXCITED (I fucking LOVED school. total nerd.) I was up there, in the sky--so high! thinking about all the possibilities and what the teacher would be like, the kids, the work, etc. I would be dog-tired the next day--always was for the first day.

*The Minnesota State Fair is extremely (freakishly) improtant to me. I have been at least once, every year of my life since I was 3 weeks old. I can't imagine an August in my life without it (I've never been outta the state or the country then) and it seriously is one of the only real "traditions" I participate in---in my life. In sum: I am one of those Fair Freaks.

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