Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thank you, Dan Murphy. Thank you.

Jessica exposed me to this.

It makes me wanna squeal with joy, something so well-written *made* it into the letters of City Pages... They are soooooo SMUG, huh? To the point that it bites 'em in the ass.

I love Jessica....and Dan Murphy. And Paul for loving Soul Asylum...

*the two best bits*


I assume you have already dusted the shelves off in a gesture of smugness. But
you are merely the bloated self-righteous big fish in the small yet surprisingly
fresh, vibrant, and bright artistic pond known as the Twin Cities. Simply put,
you are out of your league.


Your brand of rehashed insights would be better suited to "The No Spin Zone," where at least the public knows what they're getting when they tune in and have the chance to change the channel.

ah, seething, yet brilliant and true.

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