Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tim! Thank you! ("Westerberg with teeth")

This is incredible. One of the BEST bits of footage of any show I have ever seen; of anything. In terms of nonprofessional quality--it's brilliant (camera *angles*!?). AND it's the Mats in the friggin' ENTRY in 1981. I was being born and they were at their punkiest, their leanest and their meanest. I marvel at how focused and speedy they are...hmm...speed...eee. yeah. They look like adolecent puppies. I just love watching them throw their guitars around and the way Bobby is holding the neck... looky at the cutest, youngest lil' Tommy! aww. wotta lil' guy. And Westerberg reminds me of Jeff Buckley here...?

OH, and the Stinson bros. just rocked my face off, too.

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