Friday, October 06, 2006

"as you load my head with the Grateful Dead..."

Still coming down from last night, really. Saw Kasabian (FINALLY!) with James and Jim at the Fine Line and it was basically one of the best small rock shows I have been to an a LONG while...

And we met someone after the show. Somone British, from Southampton. Someone named James...who ran a club called Joiners...

check it out:

the highlight:Live at the Joiners

Some of the biggest names in music have played gigs at the Joiners in Southampton's St Mary's Street. BBC Hampshire looks at the venue that is an institution in the music world.

On the whole, bands seem to have very fond memories of the Joiners – remarkable given the lengths of tours and disorientating nights in the back of transit vans or tour buses.

Richard Ashcroft played with Verve at the Joiners in 1992, and in a recent NME interview he said their Southampton gig was: " of the greatest gigs that I've ever played in my life because we were ... incredible."

The gig was engineered by Ian Lawton: "It was my first ever gig with The Verve ... it just kicked off, I didn't really do anything and all of a sudden it became one of the greatest sonic experiences of my life and the life of everyone who was in the room -it was fantastic, everyone blamed it on me and said it was my fault that it was the best gig ever, but it had nothing to do with me at all!"

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