Wednesday, October 04, 2006

great news!

Beck and the Killers have put out fucking great records. They both just came out on Tuesday.

more on this later.......

But, I must say these following things...*now*... ha!

** Beck had me shakin' my ass in the elevator at 8:04 am today and I felt a lil' misty eyed thinking about how much that skinny white Scientologist has meant to me since I was a wee lass. I fucking think he's *tits* and always will be. I still think my dad was right when he said that Beck is the only musician of his generation that could stand to be Neil Young-like. Wotta a great statement...y'know: the longevity, the prolific album action, the uncompromising genius thing, the crazy eclectic thing, the weirdness...the, uh, QUIET STORM thing they both got goin' on...

**Um, so, yeah...the Killers are TOTALLY doing Springsteen and I couldn't be more surprised or more pleased. The album is fucking incredible and I can't believe how much I like it. For some reason, I just stubbornly did not want to partake in this absurdity! *SPRINGSTEEN*-like lyrics?!? Pssh, I said!

And then I heard the damn record. And saw the copious amounts of reviews that are pulling out the Bruce refs...apparently, Mr. Flowers is a "recent fan" (see below)... That, uh, kind of, um, gave me chills and shit...Just to know that someone is listening to my Man and making music that's crazypopularlike. I feel like it's a bit shameless and I can't help myslef but be sucked in by that lovely ANTHEMIC quality that gets me off so often...(The Who, Oasis, Bruce, Zepp, et. al.)

weirdness: EW talks of paraody (!?!) and wonders if they are "serious" (hmm, critics of Beck's music for the past decade? sound familar? total bullshit, if you ask me. you were asking me, right?). EW says this, "They've also added a fair helping of Americana to their Anglophilia. In interviews, Flowers has professed a newfound love for Bruce Springsteen, which explains lines like ''We're burnin' down a highway skyline/On the back of a hurricane'' in ''When You Were Young,'' the album's first single." and this: "There's no denying the Killers' skill at whipping up an almighty rock & roll racket." and then they go and give the record a "C" and evoke the poor man's Springsteen's band: Bon Jovi. humph. go figga. EW rarely disappoints, but this was one of those weird 'uns.


Kate said...

Did you see 'em on SNL? They were dressed like the Band!

Jess said...

I have a ginormous crush on Mr. Flowers (with mustache, not without). shhhh. don't tell anyone.