Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madge does the big O

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Alessanrda Stanley wrote this lil’ piece about Madge on Oprah.(she does a slightly clever thing by juxtaposing it with Bush's tv appearance, giving his "gloomy" assessment of Iraq...just in time!). Whenever I read Ms. Stanley I think about how she’s totally best buds with Maureen Dowd and then my mind wanders... I wish I could hang with those ladies. I wanna hear about their dates, go to premieres and get shit-faced with ‘em. Laugh our asses off to those stories about how Papa Bush tries to hit on Maureen whenever he sees her. Find out if Maureen and Charlie Rose ever hooked it up…they are *so* flirty! And then maybe we’d drunk dial Rummy or Condi or something. *sigh*

But, I digress.

I actually watched it (thanks to my dad) and it was…fine…whatever… Sometimes the Lady Madge bugs me. Her stiffness and affected way of speaking (NOT a Brit accent, people, but AFFECTED nonetheless--thinking of Linda Macca, here). She did well. I dug that she just did it from London and didn't actually "go on" the show... She told her story, she used a fitting analogy to describe how stunning and overwhelming it must be for the father of the young boy to be approached by international media. I mean, can you even fucking imagine?

Anyway. I still think it’s a non-story. I just loved how O had to ask her about the reports that she wanted to adopt an African child *only* after Brad and Angelina did. (!) She just had to throw in that she had “never met Angelina Jolie.”

I think something should be done about that. That meeting needs to happen.

For my sake.

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