Monday, October 23, 2006

catu made me do it

(Not really).
Cate has the Journey video for "Seperate Ways" on her MySpace page for some reason (Catu? Why?) and it made me seek this out. I had seen it before...cuz I fucking love (in a guilty-pleasure-like-virtually-no-other-way) this song...and live, it's more powerful than a locamotive...

It goes on and on and on and yeahhh.

Steve Perry and that bloody voice...that hook...that geetar (from the former wunderkind, Neal Schon. He joined Santana when he was fucking *15*). It's just so goddamn an empty sort of way.

Much like Taco Bell. did they have to look like that?

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cate said...

what can I say? phil showed me the video, and i had yet to put a video on my page, so i figured, hey, if the shit fits, wear it. mostly, though i just appreciated the hilarity and 80soscity of the video. teeny headless bass! mystery chick in a warehouse... or was it all a dream?! the thrashing, the stomping, the whole band sing a long and air keys. the fun never stops.

i do agree that the song itself is good in an empty way.

but this video you posted is... a live version of a different song yes? am i missing something?

ps what are you gonna be for halloween?