Friday, October 13, 2006


Brandon Flowers...Conservative? Or just...dense...?

On that note...I am totally going to flake out and quasi-switch positions on how I feel about that Killers record. I still really, really dig it. I am addicted to the power pop of it and the grand schemes and the Springsteen-esque language...but...there's something that is a little hollow about it, after hearing it on so many occasions, now.

After talking to Jim about it, just saying my thoughts does seem to be a bit more of a scam to "use" that Bruce-like language and imagery. It's not like Flowers is cribbing it directly, but it rings a little false and I think I actually *might* get what the EW review was all about, now. Maybe...

Dig it: I love Bruce Springsteen and his lyrical themes and his way with the English language and the vernacular of "common people" (Jarvis style) coupled with those visions of grand, absurd dreams we all have, too. He puts it all to music. Rock that looks back to early blues and country (and even earlier with those Seeger sessions), to Spector Wall of Sound, to Chuck Berry, to Johnny Cash, and even the muthafuckin' Clash. And more. Of course. He also carved out (excuse the crib, there) his very own sound from all that. Some followed him on that train (see: The Clash, U2, Ani DiFranco, Badly Drawn Boy, et. al.)

I just don't think Flowers is really on that particular train.

Of course...I can't back down about some of those fucking great, big, anthemic, epic, pop songs, though.

Gimme that shit all day and all of the night-- stick it right in my veins.


sj said...

that really lit a fire in me

J said...

I just think he's cute ... that's all. ;)