Monday, October 16, 2006

"Iz you Madonna!?"

One must remember that Lady Madge can be give some cred for introducing the States to Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen--aka Borat, aka Bruno). He was huge-normous in the UK for quite sometime, then there was this intro in 2000, followed the explosion of Da Ali G show, on da cable tee vee.

(There is a fantastic EW article up now about Cohen...check it. Respek.)

BORAT, the movie comes out on Nov. 3. Be there.

And then, be sure to *VOTE* on the 7th, kids.

(oh, and HOWZ bouts that vid!? man, those were the days: Madge in a strip club.)

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Phil said...

I totally just wrote about this music video for a class. Postmodern feminism and what not...

only Madonna can pull of singing "bourgeoisie" in a pop song